images of workers and students collaged together from various settings including strikes, outdoors, and in kitchens

The Center for Labor and Community is dedicated to advancing a research agenda that builds a fighting labor movement. Alongside workers, students, and community members, we study the immediate problems facing working people today. Our major research projects include young worker organizing, workforce housing, higher education, and equitable economic development. Additionally, we offer organizing curricula, education initiatives, and policy analysis that is relevant and accessible to the working class communities we serve.

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Labor Summer

Build worker power! Fight for justice!

Labor Summer is an annual system-wide eight weeklong program that connects undergraduate and graduate students with labor and community organizations to advance the fight for worker power and social justice.

If selected, students from Santa Cruz and Monterey counties are awarded $5,000 for their participation. Additionally, students receive leadership and professional development training, a certificate of completion, and access to a UC statewide labor summer network. Applications open in the Winter.

Last modified: Dec 22, 2023